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Identify the Group Policy requirements for the OU structure. Specify account requirements for users, computers, administrators, and services. Creating the Logical Design for a Network Services Infrastructure Design a DNS name resolution strategy. Identify DNS interoperability with Active Directory, WINS, and DHCP. Creating the Logical Design for an Active Directory Infrastructure Design an OU structure. Design the administration of Group Policy objects (GPOs). Design a DNS strategy for interoperability with UNIX Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND) to support Active Directory. Design a WINS replication strategy Design security for remote access users. This last requirement is new, and enables RHCEs to demonstrate that they possess both RHCT-level and RHCE-level skills, as well as enabling a person who only has RHCT level skills to earn RHCT if they pass the required competencies. Install Windows XP Professional by using Remote Installation Services (RIS). Create a dial-up connection to connect to a remote access server. Diagnose and resolve issues related to client access to Terminal Services. Install Windows XP Professional by using the System Preparation Tool. Configure Windows XP Professional for multiple locations. Connect to the Internet by using dial-up networking. Configure device properties and resource settings for a device. Create and modify groups by using the Active Directory Users and Computers Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in. Overview of Windows 2000 Installing of Windows 2000 Upgrading to Windows 2000 Using Control Panel Working with File Systems and Disks Managing Users and Groups Using System Policy and Group Policy Sharing, Securing and Accessing Files and Folders Managing Printing Auditing and Security Backup and Recovery Creating and Configuring Network & Dial-up Connections Networking with TCP/IP Deploying Windows 2000 on your Network Monitoring, Optimizing and Troubleshooting Performance Overview of Active Directory Managing Remote Access Managing Terminal Services & Distributed File Systems. Convert from one file system to another file system. Manage and troubleshoot access to and synchronization of offline files Implement, manage, and troubleshoot disk devices. Monitor and configure removable media, such as tape devices. Install, configure, and troubleshoot a video adapter. Manage and troubleshoot drivers and driver signing. Monitoring and Optimizing System Performance and Reliability Monitor, optimize, and troubleshoot performance of the Windows XP Professional desktop. Restore and back up the operating system, System State data, and user data. Installing and Configuring DNS, DHCP, WINS & Active Directory Managing, Optimizing and Troubleshooting Active Directory Replication and Performance Managing FSMOs Creating & Managing Organisational Units & Sites. Install, configure, and manage DVD and CD-ROM devices. Implement, manage, and troubleshoot display devices. Configure Advanced Configuration Power Interface (ACPI). Implement, manage, and troubleshoot input and output (I/O) devices. Recover System State data and user data by using Windows Backup. This document describes the features available with API 1.0.Rackspace provides service updates to introduce backward-compatible updates and modifications to Rackspace Cloud Files API 1.0.

Schedule backup jobs Configure TCP/IP addressing on a server computer. Planning, Implementing, and Maintaining a Network Infrastructure Plan a TCP/IP network infrastructure strategy. Create the conceptual design of the WINS infrastructure. Two of the three sections of the exam are performance-based, meaning that candidates must perform tasks on a live system, rather than answering questions about how one might perform those tasks. Stephen's Church, Warden Road, Mumbai - 400 036, India.Perform and troubleshoot an attended installation of Windows XP Professional. Monitor, configure, and troubleshoot I/O devices, such as printers, scanners, multimedia devices, mouse, keyboard, and smart card reader. Troubleshoot system restoration by starting in safe mode. Verify effective permissions when granting permissions. Perform and troubleshoot an unattended installation of Windows XP Professional. Monitor, configure, and troubleshoot multimedia hardware, such as cameras. Install, configure, and manage Infrared Data Association (Ir DA) devices. Recover System State data and user data by using the Recovery console Implementing, Managing, and Troubleshooting Network Protocol Services Configure and troubleshoot the TCP/IP protocol. Connect to computers by using a virtual private network (VPN) connection. Create and modify user accounts by using the Active Directory Users and Computers Managing and Maintaining Access to Resources Troubleshoot user authentication issues. Diagnose and resolve issues related to Terminal Services security. To learn about updates and changes included in this and other releases, see the Use this Getting Started Guide to learn how to authenticate, send API requests, and complete basic operations by using the Cloud Files API.For more information about Cloud Files concepts and API operations, see the Log in to the Rackspace Cloud Control panel to get your Rackspace Cloud account username, API key, and account number.

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