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Is it to place well on the podium or for fun on on the weekend. We made the move and have never looked back but the best thing we did (NT) -- was to know what we wanted first and then checked to see if the new school could/would accommodate this. When big schools are getting good results that is even more of an achievement in my opinion (NT) -- Just another side to the discussion., Fri, Nov 03 2017, " No one has mentioned considering the other students at the other schools.Some times the grass is greener but know what you are looking for. Do they already have dancersin your daughters section?(NT) -- Good luck, Tue, Oct 31 2017, " Contact a few schools near you and see which one your child likes the most.It's whatever fits best for your child not where everyone else think is the best (NT) -- Speaking from experience, Tue, Oct 31 2017, " Not neccessarily.Wondering if they will do reel again so the 22s havent done slip three years in a row?-- senior, Fri, Nov 03 2017, " [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Moving Schools -- Unsure mum, Tue, Oct 31 2017, " Thinking of moving schools in Sydney what schools are best and when should we move?

My grandchild's TCRG is perfectly happy with the cream on her legs and dark makeup.

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Maybe you are taking the comment out of context., Tue, Nov 07 2017, " questions are asked by other people, up to the discretion of the account how to answer them, haven't seen anything negative on these things, maybe you are taking things out of context (NT) -- d, Tue, Nov 07 2017, " the one of concern has been taken from the post, all the rest have been ok and no problems with them but please think if you would not like something said about you dont say it about anyone else please (NT) -- keep it friendly and fun, Tue, Nov 07 2017, " Up to the discretion of the account, most accounts are more than happy to post photos of people than aren't champions, there just mightn't be that many around.

Send photos in if you want others to be featured (NT) -- ridiculous, Thu, Nov 09 2017, " FÉISTASTIC 3 - OUT NOW! The dry cleaner thought the crystals may come off but was confident they wouldn't lose any (I would just have to reglue them - not something that worries me as I have blinged before) [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Replies: Parents who allow their dancers to be sprayed in a "tanning booth" are putting their children's health at risk.

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