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Gaz is worried that Donna may be planning to move in after he finds her toothbrush in his flat.Janet starts to think Jonny no longer fancies her, and tries various ways to improve her love life with Jonny, such as buying lingerie, which only results in Jonny becoming suspicious.Janet learns she isn't pregnant just as Jonny starts to come around to the idea; at episode's end it looked like Donna might be pregnant.Janet and Jonny come home to find Donna who confides in Janet about her pregnancy.Thanks to a lack of quality assurance, uploaders don't know what works and what doesn't until thousands, if not millions, of dissatisfied viewers tell them otherwise. As always, if you happen to like the entries on this page, that's great!Unfortunately, by that time, the damage has already been dealt, and all those potential subscribers have turned away for good. It's just our silly, personal opinions, so take these with a pinch of salt.

Jonny is totally against the idea but Janet tries to do everything she can to impress Cameron.These are the scenes which creators wished a works-equivalent to G. Or maybe his usual bias goes from understandable to Bias Steamroller levels.Janet forces Jonny out the house so she and Donna can make him a romantic meal but in the pub Gaz and Jonny decide that Donna and Janet are having an affair and go to confront the man they believe is with their girlfriend, whom they have dubbed ‘Pedro’, with socks containing eggs, only to find they were doing it all for Jonny.After falling for a gay man, Louise decides to make the best of the situation and become a fag hag.

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