Alec su and ruby lin dating

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Jimmy Lin Chih-Ying is a Taiwanese singer, actor and professional race car driver.

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China, on the 15 October 1974.

[ 6727] I realized in the past many netizens would say that they like Ruby Lin, but now they will say things like she's no good enough for Wallace Huo, she's old etc., this is funny, it's as if you won't get old yourself, who said that a 40-year-old woman must marry a 60-year-old old man? [ 4814] All these news make me feel a bit panicky... [ 3225] This is too quick, Hu Ge needs to be the groomsman again, if you be the groomsman too many times you won't be able to get married off 5.

Ruby Lin isn't even a third party, she is rich too, why isn't she good enough? I like her the most among the three in My Fair Princess, blessings to you and Wallace Huo! [ 3561] She's not 36 right, I think she's 41, but she looks very young, blessings to them 8. Journalist your house has been washed away, hurry up and go check it out, how she holds her bag is none of your freaking business Sina Weibo: Marriage announcement from both Wallace and Ruby! [ 2018] What's wrong with the entertainment industry today, collectively showing off love 7.

He said through his company's Weibo account: "Today I received a lot of friends' queries. Thank you for your concern." Her company also gave a confirmation on Weibo, said the report.

Huo, 36, and Lin, 40, are said to have got together at her birthday party in January, after being friends for 10 years.

[ 1655] Have just finished eating dog food from Chen Xiao there, help Zhen ('me', what emperors refer themselves too) to get up, Zhen still can eat it for another 500 years 8. [ 1193] My Hu Ge is becoming the groomsman again 10. [ 1199] This year Liu Shishi got married, Yuan Hong got married, Wallace Huo got married...... Dating News: Ruby Lin, Wallace Huo, Yuan Hong and Zhang Xinyi - Hallo Kpop Fans, tzuyu twice blog will share an articles about Dating News: Ruby Lin, Wallace Huo, Yuan Hong and Zhang Xinyi, tzuyu twice blog hope this article was helpful for you.Title : If she did end up with a man, I always imagined that it would be her long-time friend Alec Su (aka Nicky Wu's fellow Little Tiger) but Wallace Huo is actually not a far cry given that he is also from Taiwan. Fresh off the highs of Journey of Flower, he is definitely at the heights of his popularity.TAIPEI - Next Magazine has told what it says is the inside story of the night actor Wallace Huo confessed his love to actress Ruby Lin, after his supposed romantic rival Jerry Yan left her 40th birthday party.

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