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I'm not trying to be non-committal when I say that we don't have a hard preference one way or the other, but we truthfully don't.The reasons we've used so many of them over the years are assorted.That, in my view, is what Wonder Woman should look like.Yik Yakker: If it is the "Naked Massacre" that I am familiar with, it is a French film with only one attacker and is based on Richard Speck's murder of nine student nurses in Chicago many years ago. That's as much as I can tell you, based on the picture series. Wonder Woman: I have no idea if the proposed movie is ever going to come together (some of the stories online seem doubtful).But if the movie were to happen, and if I had a say in the casting, I'd seriously suggest looking at pop singer Katy Perry for the role. But check out her outfit at this recent performance at the Much Music Video Awards in Toronto.I recall it as yet another flick with great unrealized potential.

Why should the villain of the piece be uncomfortable wearing some kind of Mask or Hood to conceal his identity when he can do that t' his victim and make them even more uncomfortable?I will admit that I actually do really like using them in our personal play and we incorporate them all the time. We DO like them and we DO use them in our productions to this very day.I will say honestly though that when we first started out and we were including blindfolds a lot we got bunches of emails about wanting to see my eyes in the scene.Naturally, the occupants of the house are fine young women who eventually are forced to get naked.But get this - they are forced to have sex with each other.

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