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Regardless of her good intentions, there's little doubt the show will settle some scores along the way.

But most important, it will finally allow the much-maligned actress to show the Denise Richards bashers of the world the difference between their perception and her reality.

The sexy siren of films like Wild Things and Starship Troopers hopes that by letting E!

Entertainment's cameras trail her 24/7, revealing all her mistakes and experiences, she might help other women make better choices than she has.

She smiles as we reach the top of the stairs and whispers, "I want you to meet the girls, but I hope you don't mind animals," then opens the door to her bedroom.

On a king-size bed, cuddled up next to a litter of precious pups — I count at least five furry faces — are the actress's two towheaded toddlers.

" Denise swoops Lola out of the bed, gives her a big hug and kiss, and the three of us are off to the kitchen for vanilla ice cream. Afterward, he said, "I want to do a TV show with you because other people don't know the person I know." I'd been approached about a show before, but this time my parents encouraged me to do it.

Only checkered gingham curtains could complete this sweet scene. My mother adored Ryan, and before she passed away in November, she said, "People need to see who you really are." And that was the reason I finally decided to do it.

I give my parents a lot of credit for remaining supportive and being such wonderful parents.I'm always pleasant to photographers around the girls because I don't want them to be fearful. Despite the very public battles between you and Charlie, he was your husband and is the father of your children. Charlie is truly a stranger to me, and that's the really sad part.I know many people who have gotten divorced and remained good friends, and I envy that because it's obviously much healthier for the kids than our situation. If you go back and try to dig up quotes about what I've said, there's not a lot out there.Do you worry about how the show will affect your daughters? If I have my kids in the show, I'm exploiting them.If I don't, people will think I'm not a hands-on mom.

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