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For more info and featured botmakers, please follow Bot Watch (https://From January 9 to January 18 people from 65 countries voted 5,646 times to select the best chatbots in each of these categories: Travel, Productivity, Social, Commerce, Entertainment, and News.The chatbot asks users about their fashion taste and replies back with product suggestions. The project started on April 2015 with a human-backed service but the team soon we learnt that humans don’t scale. Half a year ago the chat Shopper team put lots of efforts into training its NLP engine — now the bot understands up to 80% of users’ queries. You can also ask the bot open-ended questions related to Technology and it will promptly give you an answer.

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In the latter category is the BBC's new Brexit bot, which uses bright illustrations and Boris Johnson gifs to make you feel better about the whole fandango. Unlike literally everyone involved in leaving the EU. Let me know who you think I’m missing and please provide me with additional information. I think these 100 people are great and worth following.Let me know if you have anyone to add to that list or any suggestions/changes.The Tech Crunch chatbot for Messenger helps you stay on top of topics and stories you care about.You can subscribe to different tags, authors or sections of the site, and the bot will send news articles from Tech Crunch about the things you are interested in the most.

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