Avoid dating a narcissist

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Whenever we feel like we might be about to break our rule of no contact rule we must remind ourselves of the following.Narcissists spend their time running away from the truth about themselves, which is that they are worthless, horrible people.You must realize that he has become like a drug to you.Just as he needs others to validate his existence, he has now programmed you to believe you need him in order to survive.It is critical that you understand you will never get over a Narcissist if you go back or remain in contact with him in any way or capacity.You can and will deprogram from him, but only if you establish No Contact.It also helps us understand the reason behind some of their erratic behavior when they seem almost desperate to get us “back on board”. Your indifference is making him panic because he has tried using the techniques that usually work for him but they are not working this time and this will be making him feel very insecure indeed.If you persist with “no contact” he is likely to respond to this by using all of the weapons in his arsenal in an attempt to force you to yield. He may try to provoke you with nasty remarks that he thinks you will not be able to resist responding to.

Much better to ignore him and your indifference will make him feel weak!!!Narcissists avoid people who force them to see the truth.This is the antithesis of narcissistic supply and is to be greatly feared.You must understand that you are addicted to him right now, but this is only temporary and a direct result of being brainwashed.A Narcissist programs you to question yourself….question everything you do, in fact. He knows if he can cause you to doubt yourself, you will become dependent on him for validation and keep coming back.

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