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As you will not be able to cook or forge weapons and accessories in the 1st Generation, buying Birthday Gift Items from Yue often is the only method by which you can obtain these items. In the 2nd Generation, you will encounter the same characters whom you met in the 1st Generation but there will be new characters as well in the form of the children of all Rival marriages. If you fail to marry and have a son or daughter, you never will be able to experience much of the story. Rune Factory 2 is a game that spans two generations.

Many of these are Cooked Dishes or Accessories that you will be unable to make until the 2nd Generation so if you wish to give a birthday gift in the 1st Generation, you will be obliged to purchase it from a local merchant.

The first part of the game is played as a male character whose default name is Kyle who, like the character in the original Rune Factory, suffers form amnesia and arrives at the village without any memory of his name or his former life.

A generous local girl named Mana, like Mist in Kardia, offers to 'lend' your character a farm. Unlike the original Rune Factory, you will have access to Caves/Dungeons ruled by all four seasons at the very start of the game.

If you give an item that the Eligible Girl likes but which is not the designated birthday gift, you will receive no acknowledgement of the fact that it is the girl's birthday.

In fact, if you give the Special Birthday Gift item to any individual in Rune Factory 2 on any day of the year, the character will make a reference to his/her birthday.

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