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Once he finished creating the profile, he sent it over for my approval and started sending messages to potential candidates.John added the dates to my calendar and followed up with an email.The email included a copy of the conversations he had with the potential dates, key points of each conversation, mutual interests, their phone numbers, and links to their dating profiles.When the day of the date arrived, I texted them to confirm the time and location, and off I went!TL; DR: Hired a virtual assistant to manage my online dating profiles A few years ago, I watched a video where Tim Ferriss spoke about outsourcing his online dating.

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I can see how outsourcing your dating would be beneficial to extremely busy people, but at that point, you should reevaluate why you’re outsourcing it in the first place.

Upon this little mishap, I informed her that I had contracted someone to handle the messaging for my profile.

Let’s just say that she was not happy, and we went our own ways.

I remember there being an “awkward” moment when she mentioned something, and I had no clue what she was talking about.

Turns out, we had a long conversation about said topic on our initial OKCupid messaging!

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