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They used to read that to us from the Bible in third grade; and we would laugh "cock" is in the Bible!A cross between Accidental Innuendo and Unusual Euphemism.Do Not Pay started out as a cheeky service to help drivers get out of parking tickets.Stanford student Joshua Browder became more interested in bots after the online tool automatically challenged over 160,000 of them.Then he programmed Do Not Pay to ask users personal questions relating to their stated problem.For example, it may ask a resident facing eviction “do you have a right to live here? It might ask a person seeking housing “are you legally homeless,” while providing them with a legal definition.As these terms fell into common use as insults, they were replaced by a kinder and gentler term: "retarded".After decades of being used as an insult, "retarded" is now considered so offensive that some people want it classified as hate speech.

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Browder was only 19 years old when he created this app and Watson’s cognitive APIs helped him build stronger AI into his app in a matter of just weeks.Television sped things up: it took only a few weeks in the 70s for the meaning of "boob" to change from "dummy" to "breast" among the general public.Naturally, with the advent of the uncensored Internet, words can change meaning almost overnight these days.Words changed meaning less frequently before the advent of radio and television, and when they did change, the transformation could be slow (as seen with "gay" above).It took over a hundred years for the primary meaning of the verb "want" to change from "lack" to "desire".

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