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What church by name in the world would Christadelphians today acknowledge as equal and as viable as their own regarding the general practice of the Christian faith and salvation? There are thousands of churches in the United States. They would not acknowledge any - if there were any then they would be united with them.That does not,however,mean that there aren't members of other denominations who will receive eternal life at the Judgement - and if Christadelphians have been in error then God will most certainly make that known to them.

The groups you mention certainly do not 'acknowledge each other in equal fellowship on basic beliefs and salvation' - if they did why would they not all unite as one and so increase that so-called 'fellowship.'?

I believe that those answers quite clearly according to the Bible are that it is the revealed word of God, only found in the Bible and that it is indeed essential to salvation - why would we wish to compromise eternal salvation on the back of humanitarianism and ecumenicalism, for instance, just to feel more at ease with others regardless of doing what God says we must do?

Andrew M1: You are wrong about the Roman Catholic Church.

The Christadelphians have such a belief - actually so do all the other groups you mention!

So why single out Christadelphians, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc. If you leave the Catholic Church they are very clear about your chances of salvation - and they are not good.

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