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You must give up the little you're hanging on to now to gain something infinitely greater. I didn't propose marriage or say I was madly in love with her, and she didn't swoon.

You must let go of the helm and let Him lead.” ― Eric Ludy, “A bagel shop isn't the most romantic spot to tell a girl you like her. What I did tell her was that through our friendship I'd grown to respect her.” ― Joshua Harris, “Inviting God to write the chapters of our loves story involves work on our part - not just a scattered prayer here and there, not merely a feeble attempt to find some insight by flopping open the Bible every now and then.

It means you’re human, created in the image of God, a God who loves, who connects, and who longs for relationship himself.

Jesus can never be your boyfriend or girlfriend because we was never intended to be.

I enjoy sharing and talking about Christ with others, and talking about what His grace truly means. I was recently in a six month mission trip to Kenya. It takes a lot to upset me I stay comm ,but once I am that's when heavenly father steps in and helps me through it all.

Hello, I'm a good Christian guy looking to find my soulmate and future wife. I love God and he understands me completely he knows what kind of man that is needed to complete me an he will let me kno Hi, my name is Kayin.

” ― Eric Ludy, “In my mind, a first date really boils down to selling what you have, what you almost have and what you wish you had.

I enjoy traveling to new places and being outdoors. Don't date like to laugh,and enjoy myself when in company of good friends. I Liked to be told the truth and together we can fix any problem lye to me and I will fix it all on my own.And He wanted me to trust Him enough to bring that special man to me in His perfect time.” ― Leslie Ludy, “No matter how many rules we make for ourselves, rules don't create godly relationships.Only leaning on our faithful Father and longing to please Him with everything we do will set the stage for a beautiful romance!A significant part of your heart was designed specifically for just him, but there is a part of your heart that was designed specifically for others.” ― Debra Fileta, “We have to be willing to become vulnerable to trust Him if we wish to find security and satisfaction in Him.We have to be willing to let go of what little we have, to gain the great riches and supreme happiness He has to offer.

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