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In 2003, the National Council for Spirit Safety and Education (NCSSE) was formed to offer safety training for youth, school, all-star, and college coaches.The NCAA requires college cheer coaches to successfully complete a nationally recognized safety-training program.obtained a report of a criminal investigation conducted by the university after it received a letter saying that some members of the team were engaged in prostitution.The investigation found "evidence of an escort service" involving team members, as well as evidence that others were working as strippers.In 1978, America was introduced to competitive cheerleading by the first broadcast of Collegiate Cheerleading Championships on CBS.Professional cheerleaders put a new perspective on American cheerleading.The global presentation of cheerleading was led by the 1997 broadcast of ESPN's International cheerleading competition, and the worldwide release of the 2000 film Bring It On. Soon after, the University of Minnesota organized a "yell leader" squad of six male students, who still use Campbell's original cheer today.

Cheerleading organizations such as the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Advisors (AACCA), founded in 1987, started applying universal safety standards to decrease the number of injuries and prevent dangerous stunts, pyramids, and tumbling passes from being included in the cheerleading routines.The mission of the Juniata College Cheerleaders is to promote spirit and enthusiasm in support of Juniata College and its athletic teams.Equally important is our role to represent Juniata College, its student body, alumni, faculty and staff through community service.Women were selected for two reasons: visual sex appeal, and the ability to dance.Women were exclusively chosen because men were the targeted marketing group.

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