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The great Alan Dwan once said, in reference to comedic camp, "(sic)You can't tell your actors they're making comedy or they'll ham it up.They must believe they're making a serious film." As the above example suggests, and un-funny line on paper, when derived in the proper context, can be much funnier than if the joke actually had a punch line the made sense.The radio station in the movie, KSPN, is a real radio station in Aspen.The equipment used for the KSPN studio, however, was actually outdated and unused equipment from KMTS in nearby Glenwood Springs.Discussing the Purple Rain singer, he exclusively told Daily Star Online: "Yeah he's one of my idols.I think anyone who does music he has to be."This is someone who broke barriers and boundaries.See more » Dex and TJ are discussing the time they went to Mackinack Island and Dex complains that TJ got the beautiful girl and he got to sleep in the car.Both actors mispronounced Mackinack as mack-i-nack, when it is actually pronounced mack-i-naw.

After seeing his pal and JLS star Marvin Humes get married and settle down with kids, we asked Aston if he was planning to take his relationship to the next level.

All I'm sayin' is that this film may not be Road House or Endless Love, but it's a dammed fun time and won't even need robots sitting in the front row you help you out."I'm not here for the party, azz hool.

However he is back to re-launch his solo career with a brand new single.

and his friend Dexter quit their jobs in Detroit to become ski-instructors in Aspen. Meanwhile the rich business woman Brice supports T. in his writing ambitions and invites him to live at her home.

advances to the most popular instructor of the school during the season, he has to take care for Dexter, who's future is less bright and who's eventually thinking about jobbing as drug courier - bringing their friendship to a test.

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