Dating baldwin piano

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For example, we have seen MANY older pianos come through our studio where a basic interior cleaning, action regulation, tuning and voicing is all that is needed to restore the piano to a wonderful playing and sounding condition.

These services can run anywhere between 0 and 00 depending on the extent of the work.

Our expertise will provide you with relevant facts to make an informed decision, but it is up to you at that point to decide whether or not restoring an older piano is worth it you. These pictures illustrate where to look for the Serial and Model Number (above left), and Part Number (above right) for your Steinway and Sons grand piano.

These numbers can be easily identified on the plate, underneath the music rack (which simply slides out of the piano).

As the pianos get bigger, or the finishes become more exotic (such as high-gloss, or ornate carvings throughout), costs are generally between 00 and ,500.

Every piano is different and must be evaluated individually in order to accurately estimate a refinishing cost. We are often asked to do a piano estimate or evaluation for repairs.

These pianos will generally need and receive new pinblocks, soundboard repairs, bridge repinning, new Steinway and Sons Factory original or German Renner action parts, capo and agraffe work, keytop replacement or ivory repair, key repairs, damper action replacements, and thorough regulation and voicing. Some of the most commonly asked questions about our services relates to piano tuning and how much it costs. Who are Franco and Giovanni Skilan of Precision Piano Services?We have a minimum 0 shop space fee that will allow the piano to stay in our facility for up to 2 weeks so we can thoroughly evaluate the instrument and prepare a formal proposal.If your piano does not have name recognition on the fallboard, then a thorough evaluation is needed in order to insure that the money you spend does not far outweigh the piano's value, and that the restoration will produce a piano that will be playable and enjoyable for years to come.

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