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The Queen's first corgi was rather partial to going for servants' legs and once bit a royal clockwinder on the ankle - but Susan was so loved by the Princess that she even accompanied her on her honeymoon in 1947.

The Queen now has only one corgi left, Willow, as well as Candy and Vulcan - two dorgis - a cross between a corgi and a dachshund.

Earlier today, the Queen treated herself to a well-deserved day at the races.

The Queen still rides and is a horse racing and breeding expert.

As Elizabeth II marks her birthday, here are some of her favourite presents over the decades: Princess Elizabeth's first horse - a Shetland pony called Peggy - was a gift from her grandfather, King George V, when she was four years old.

She started riding lessons when she was three-and-a-half, and when she was five her mother led her on Peggy to a meet of the Pytchley Hounds at Boughton Cover.

She was also sent a Rocky Lobster, a lifesize singing crustacean which performs Do Wah Diddy Diddy and Rock The Boat, and the Queen is said to sing along to the tunes.

Prince Harry delighted his grandmother with a special birthday gift on her 90th birthday by arranging to perform a short cabaret with ventriloquist Nina Conti at the Queen's party.

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