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Dental treatment is among the most expensive kinds and hence many people avoid going to the dentist till it can be avoided no more.

But if you are keen to have an active social life and you realize that your bad teeth is holding you back, you need to take certain definite steps.

Thought Self-detecting the condition may be difficult because most people who grind or clench do it while they sleep, Look for telltale signs like flattened or chipped teeth and sore facial muscles in the morning.

Practice self-restraint to avoid this condition or use Mouth guards which work by reducing friction between your top and bottom rows of teeth.

Even as you go through dental treatments to deal with bad teeth issues, never skip the basic rule of oral hygiene – which is to keep your teeth clean by brushing and flossing.

Also take care to avoid foods and drinks; those that have caffeine in them, such as coffee and tea, red wine and sodas can stain your teeth while sweet, sticky foods are among the most common sources of cavities.

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Thus it is not unusual to find guys and gals with shiny hair, glowing skin and awesome figures stealing all the attention.

But even bigger deal breakers are bad breath and rotting teeth so that even if you come off as an otherwise likable person, just the sight of black holes in your mouth when you laugh or talk or dragon breath when you hold your face close to your date, can ruin all chances of a successful love life.

Zero in on the problem The only effective way you can set about dealing with your dental issues is to consult a professional.

See what you can do yourself While there is not much about a rotting tooth or infected gum that you can do about, in some minor dental issues at least you could bring about a positive difference with committed oral care.

If you are bothered by yellowing teeth, look for time honored home-based tips like using baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and tart fruits like strawberries which can naturally whiten teeth.

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