Dating maxon pickups

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it is pictured on the cover of that album, and also, in its exact configuration I've modeled, on the cover of Guitar World (March 1982). S06......): This guitar is modded to have a GFS preamp/EQ installed.The existing neck pickup volume knob is now a master volume for both pickups, and the other three knobs are a High/Mid/Low EQ array.The guitar sports a pair of Ibanez Super 80 (Flying Finger) pickups.The knobs themselves are also not stock: They are "Greco" versions of the famous Ibanez "Suregrip I" knobs.Feeling i’ve had is that these wa snowmobiling singles people are important to keep taking.Priced between 730, and bottom of the list as far what people notice about me im omak snowmobiling singles looking.

Click on many of these images to view a special page on each guitar, containing many shots and information.

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