Dating strong confident women

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The only piece of advice I have is to be prepared to be patient, which means that the guy needs to very strong himself, but in a non-aggressive way.

If you are someone who can’t see that you and your woman have individual lives, despite being in a relationship together, then you are not going to mesh well with a strong woman.

From a relationship perspective, one major issue is that they don’t (or can’t? They would rather leave it to their woman to decide than have to decide where to go, what to do, who to see, etc.

For a strong woman whose willing to take the lead when she has to, it gets exhausting to have to always make the decisions in a relationship, and it makes it feel less like a romantic relationship and more like a mother-son relationship.

The truth is that even if you go together like bread and butter, you will have a few different interests, beliefs, desires, and goals.

And, you have to let each other explore your individual lives (we only get one as far as we know! That can be hard for some guys (and women – but this article is about finding a strong woman).

You will experience a lot of pain and fights if you do.

I consider myself a strong woman, and I have learned a lot about what that means based on my previous relationship. I don’t want my significant other to take on my chores and issues. I don’t need constant lovey-dovey PDA, or for him to fill up his Facebook with his love for me so that everyone knows we are into each other. I can easily feel smothered, but I put up with it to a degree to make him happy.

Finally, I’ve learned just how important my freedom really is to me.

I like to go and do things on my own with friends and family and take trips without him needing to always be by my side, “protecting” me.

Also, a needy or insecure man won’t be able to hold his ground against a strong woman.

He will be a pushover and let her take control of the relationship, which will – in most cases, turn a woman off big time!

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