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People run away from relationships for many reasons, but at the heart of all of these reasons is a fear; the fear of getting hurt, the fear of losing too much of ourselves, or the fear of being trapped in a relationship that you can't get out of, to name a few.This fear of relationships and love can stop you from truly discovering who you are and what you want in a relationship.Once you begin to see love as a choice instead of a sentence, you will start to associate it with freedom and goodness.Perhaps you've been cheated on and hurt by a past lover, or maybe you've witnessed an unfaithful relationship from your parents or a couple that was close to you.Bad or broken communication is a huge contributor to most breakups and divorces, and it stops a relationship from being able to grow.

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is, in my view, the first and last book that you will ever need to read to truly understand the online dating scene.

Love is not something that traps you without your consent, thrusting you into a life and situations that you don't want or that hurt you.

True love is active and alive and comes from seeing the good in another person.

We are proud to provide online dating services to men seeking women and women seeking men.

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