Down with dating

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“I have been told over and over that if I want to be relevant and get more gigs I need a scandal so that the media can write more about me.And sometimes you are told you cannot get a particular role even if you perfected the audition because of the number followers you have on twitter or Instagram.I wouldn’t blame them though, seeing the way the industry is and what it can do to a person I myself wouldn’t support that,” says Tumi.DROPPING OUT OF SCHOOL AND AUDITIONING FOR CLASS ACTThe born and bred Port St.The 4-course feast is BYOB so you can swing by the supermarket first and buy a stereotypical bottle of rosé. For a dose of Coney Island vibes, head to British seaside hipster haunt Dreamland in Margate.Get dizzy on the waltzers then keep spinning around at the Lonely Hearts Dance Club.With it’s exotic interiors and some of the best views of London, we’d say it scores high on the romance front.

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“He is so liberal, we sit down and scrutinize those scenes and how I should have done them, that’s how amazing he is,” says Tumi while laughing.

Pick up your fake name on arrival and get to know other sombre singletons at ‘Speed Hating’ and ‘Blind Hate.’ It’ll be fun, promise…

It's that time of year that if you're single, reminds you, that yep you're totally single.

As I was waiting outside, a lady came out and called my name.

As hesitant as I was, my friend told me something I am still holding onto even today.

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