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They including how to cut someone out of a damaged car and a line rescue demonstration, and firefighters also gave important safety advice to visitors.

Families also enjoyed the fairground stalls, rides and a performance and parade by The West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Band.

The SAMU provides both ambulances and specialist medical teams.

It is important to note that the French fire brigade, , is also trained and equipped to deal with medical emergencies.

If you need to access French healthcare services or visit a French hospital, you may be asked to present French health insurance or private health insurance.

This guide to French emergency numbers explains French medical terms, what to do in an emergency in France, and what to do in an accident or health emergency in France.

The app, called SAIP (), is available in both English and French and allows users to view alerts for up to eight geographical areas.

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Callers who don’t speak French would also have no problem communicating their issues due to the assistance of interpreters who speak 40 languages.

Too many expatriate families are caught unprepared to cope with an emergency in their new country.

If you're calling France you’re new home, make sure you and all your family members know how to get help by with these tips and keep a handy list of France's important emergency numbers.

It is advisable to also note down the normal, eight-digit number for your local police or gendarmerie station.

Larger towns have an additional secondary police force called which is managed by the local town hall and have limited powers within the district.

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