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The lines drawn from Music is an integral part of life on the islands of the Pacific.Indeed, the songs and dances are woven into the very fabric of everyday life.Tonga is the longest inhabited island group in Polynesia, with radiocarbon dates as early as 1140 B. Thus we co Far to the southeast of the Marquesas lies evidence of a truly remarkable feat - a voyage to Easter Island (Rapa Nui), some 2,400 miles away, in the face of prevailing winds and currents.Polynesia's easternmost The sites on Easter Island show clear evidence, when considered in conjunction with the archaeology and languages of the Society and Marquesas Islands, indicate strongly that the pre-historic culture of Easter Island could have evolve A study of excavated adzes, fishhooks, ornaments and other artifacts indicates that Tahiti and the other Society Islands must have been settled soon after the Marquesas.This is a perfect way to describe these over two thousand tropical islands scattered across the heart of the PIn a DNA study undertaken in 1994, head hair in Micronesia was used to obtain DNA samples.  The study was undertaken in order to compare the genetic relationships of various Micronesian groups to other Pacific Islanders In general, this study found that the majority of mt DNA sequences from Micronesian and Polynesian populations are derived from Asia, whereas others are inferred to have originated in New Guinea.

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NETThe islands of the Pacific, with their beauty and romance, have always gripped man's imagination.In 1947, samples were also excavated in Fiji, Melanesia's easternmost extension.Five years late Lapita pottery was excavated in Tonga in 1963, and has recently been found in Samoa as well - both in western Polynesia.In 1517, a Portuguese nobleman named Magellan (Magalhaes) proposed a route to the Pacific by way of America The leaders of the early expeditions kept logs in which they recorded their impressions of those things they had seen in Oceania.These accounts are interesting in terms of the descriptions of what they actually What the future holds may be unclear particularly when the ocean may claim many of our islands and many of our people are still under the control of others.

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