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While the last two games had over 1000 images each, this one has less than 200.No sound or music and no animations, just an illustrated story.At Date Ariane, you can search for matches based on your postcode and set search criteria based upon 5, 10, 15 miles etc. We find that finding someone who has similar interests to our own is a great way to strike up a conversation.You can search for matches based on similar interests to your own and who knows a new relationship may be on the cards. Explore date ariane uk, the freedating service based on the common interests people share online.I came to this decision this week while trying to finish the game.The whole project has been experimental, and I am not sure the experiment worked.

I was trying to finish “Part 4” which my idea was to have choices leading to 3 possible endings.

Also, putting out another “game” is a lot of work, and there will likely be demands for different versions for different devices and different languages.

Keeping the material “online” makes everything a lot simpler.

The good news is that the online story will be more complete, and a part 5 is coming, maybe a part 6.

The Rachel Meets Ariane game has always been nothing more than the Rachel Meets Ariane story I have been publishing in serial form for the last couple of years, but complete and with some minor added choices along the way.

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