Gridview rowupdating e oldvalues

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I'm using this code and get the error below: Dont post ASP. However, I haven't been able to figure out how to get it to email just the deltas.

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gridview rowupdating e oldvalues-19

Additionally, I would like the detail Grid Views, which are "paged", to jump to the page where the...

It can also be one that says it has been "blocked" from being sent, and when I look at the message itself, it is obviously spam. Here is my Create Child Control Method Protected Overrides Sub Create Child Controls() Dim sb As New String Builder Dim Date Text Box As New Text Box Date Text Box.

Has someone gotten my e-mail address and is trying to send spam under my name??

I have 2 "Drop Down List" controls, one is "CAMPUS" and the other is "DEPARTMENT". - Open Source is not an excuse to write fun code then leave the actual work to others. ALLCOL("%COLUMN%", " ", ", ", ", ")Do you know anyway for me to exclude a subset of columns returned by this function.

Those controls retrieve thier respective querys and the "Grid View" does sort post query. Add(Extcalender) Extcalender = Nothing Date Text Bo... We have two columns (rec_user and rec_datetime) which are in all of our tables, but when generating triggers I want automatically generate a script which does not include those two columns but does include all other columns in that table.

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