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2)Stepan Krasheninnikov thought he was Fedot himself and tried to reconcile this with the Yakut woman's story. 3) He may have been one of the lost men from the Dezhnev or some other expedition.

In Siberia at this time there was a Vas'ka Fedotov, a few people who used Fedotov as a patronymic and various Fedors and so on whose names could have been garbled.

In June 1647 he sailed down the river to the Arctic with 50 men in four koches but they were forced to turn back due to thick ice. On September 20, 1648 (old style, September 30 in our calendar) he was wounded in a fight with the Chukchis.

Indeed, there is much evidence to suggest that after WWII, what had by then become referred to as ‘Trotskyism’ was used as the basis for the US anti-Soviet (and anti-Communist) Cold War rhetoric.

This is why most people are confused by ‘Trotskyism’ and the many organisations that follow his anti-Soviet ideology – whilst still insisting on calling themselves ‘Socialist’.

Trotsky, for many, is known the wrong way around back to front, and in many ways ‘ahistorically’.

In this regard, he certainly was not a Marxist or Marxist-Leninist, and had no theoretical interest in those ideologies.

Trotsky was criticised by Lenin – and later by Stalin – for continuously failing to understand and interpret history from a Marxist perspective.

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