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I learned a lot from him being that I was very young. We were together for about 13 or 14 years; 15 is an easy round number to say.By the time we got married, I had had almost all of our children.

This show piqued my interest because my friends were involved, and I was a part of the original pitching cast, so I pitched the show to all of the original networks with them.

,” as if I’m going to say, “he kicked me.” So, I don’t like to call it a split or divorce because we were still together in so many ways. A marriage is may be one quarter business and three quarters your heart, your emotion, and your life.

MN: How was it for you being a single mother after the divorce?

If I can change any viewpoints or perspectives that would be good because people go into this cruel, nasty beingness of being a divorcee.

I know that people are doing the best they can, but my thing is, what did you guys start as?

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