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Facing Peruvian rebels and an armed takeover of the Bus, Fitz found it hard to concentrate at first, but later came through for the team, using his D. Fitz took the cure and prepared to jump out after her, but instead Grant Ward jumped and saved her life. Fitz soon escaped the closet and met up with the rest of the team, and went to repair the damage that had been done to the plane's wiring system. Late that night, Fitz had been sleeping peacefully while Coulson, Ward, Skye, and Simmons played "Upwords" in the lounge.

Fitz first faced danger in the field in Peru, where the team was investigating an 0-8-4. However Simmons, not realizing the cure worked, chose to jump from the plane to save the rest of the crew. As Fitz entered a closet for prank supplies and couplings, he was mysteriously locked inside and the plane lost power and went down, courtesy of Tobias Ford.

He suggested to him a solution and Gill immediately realized his problem was solved.

However, soon after the war was over, Simmons was swallowed by the Monolith and disappeared. Fitz destroyed Daniels' body and returned home, believing the Inhuman was dead. He and Simmons continuously monitored Skye and took blood samples in hopes of duplicating the miracle drug, but the Bus did not have equipment sufficient enough for the job. He told Skye about this just as it was realized that the Clairvoyant was a S. Fitz helped Coulson research their whereabouts, but he questioned Coulson's leadership after their experiences in Portland.

faction and during the War against the Inhumans, in which he caused the death of teleporter Gordon. There, Fitz learned that Daniels had died and his body was possessed by the dark Inhuman. Fitz blamed himself for this as the team went to S. Unfortunately, that was the only sample he retrieved and Jemma Simmons berated him for it because the Guest House was destroyed. However, he found that Melinda May already had one. When the group returned to Providence, they found the Bus and half the team gone.

Sometime later, Fitz and Agent Grant Ward were assigned by Agent Victoria Hand to infiltrate the border of South Ossetia and destroy an enemy weapon known as the "Overkill Device". He became irritated as the team laughed at his misfortune, and he demanded to know who was responsible, completely unaware of Melinda May's guilt in the prank.

Later, they sat together and Simmons expressed her gratitude to her friend. He silently entered the room, with shaving cream smeared across his face.

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