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Eduard Kovacs is an international correspondent for Security Week.He worked as a high school IT teacher for two years before starting a career in journalism as Softpedia’s security news reporter.Many botnets are command-and-control systems used by criminals and are still the main way that spam is spewed into your e-mail box. "With i Phone and Android, you have a propagation of applications that have connections back to sensitive corporate data in the cloud.A recent report states that the worldwide spam volume has now climbed to 230 billion messages per day, up from 200 billion at the start of 2010. So these devices now are very much a data leakage vulnerability." What is to be done? A new research revealed that 55% of phishing scams are fake bank emails, which try and dupe web users into giving hackers their credit card number and online banking passwords.Cloud computing is one of the most-discussed topics among IT professionals today.And not too long into any conversation about the most highly touted cloud models - software as a service (Saa S), infrastructure as a service (Iaa S) or platform as a service (Paa S) - the talk often turns to cloud security.Everyone knows this, but most of us get around the problem by using the same username and password over and over. Mike Siegel, a senior director of product management at Mc Afee, says this will put a particular strain on IT departments' abilities to protect data across multiple operating systems and applications.Hackers know this as well, and they're happy to use it against you. Spam continues to grow largely due to the growth in malicious botnets. "We have senior executives now who are pushing on IT to support Android or i Phone," he says.

Malware has caused the industry to rethink its security best practices, introducing tools such as transaction verification to guard against real-time, man-in-the-middle attacks.

"It seems that not a day goes by without a new case of online fraud hitting the headlines.

But what's concerning is that consumers are still falling victim," said Nicole Sanders, an identity fraud expert at CPP.

M86 Security has created the "Top Ten Most Wanted" Spam-Spewing Botnets list, many of them are believed to be controlled in Eastern Europe by criminals who manipulate compromised systems, mostly PCs, around the world to generate spam:1. Hoax lottery and competition prize draws and 'Nigerian 419' scams that involve email requests for money from supposedly rich individuals in countries such as Nigeria, were also among the most popular phishing emails.

CPP also revealed social networking scams are on the rise.

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