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Examples include Neal Boortz, Eric Von Haessler, Phil Hendrie and Steve Morrison.

Many comedians who are normally family-friendly might choose to work blue when off-camera or in an adult-oriented environment; Bob Saget exemplifies this dichotomy. Among the best known of these are Redd Foxx, Lawanda Page, and the team of Leroy and Skillet, all of whom later performed on the family-friendly television show Sanford and Son.The ritual taboo-breaking that is a usual counterpart of ribaldry underlies its controversial nature and explains why ribaldry is sometimes a subject of censorship.Ribaldry, whose usual aim is not "merely" to be sexually stimulating, often does address larger concerns than mere sexual appetite."Working blue" refers to the act of using curse words and discussing things that people do not discuss in "polite society".A "blue comedian" or "blue comic" is a comedian who usually performs risqué routines layered with curse words.

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