Moulton chatroom live cams

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They even have an option in their phone system for “slow speed”.

I had even early on simply asked to be credited for the problem, as in get money back or a discount but delay delay delay he did instead, even near the end of his help telling me what tower I was connected to… It’s not like I’m using A CELL PHONE, IN WHICH THE ULTRA OBVIOUS IS TO MOVE ELSEWHERE WITH IT, I’M ON A COMPUTER, THAT’S WHAT THE MODEM IS FOR, NOT A LITTLE MOBILE PHONE.So for those of you who didn’t believe that they were blocking Java content sites, THERE YOU GO, out of all the websites that had java, ONLY THERE’S WORKED!9 PM So I noticed Clear Wire, some hours after the chat, reenabled my ability to use java on other sites.Most likely they are blocking me because what are the odds they suddenly stop when I keep complaining about my torrent speed?Low being that they’ve been getting complaints about this all the time I’m sure.

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