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On the American side, this trip is called the Cave of the Winds.You’ll walk up, down, and around the American Falls, while being surrounded by plenty of sea gulls.There are plenty of benches where you can sit and take it all in, too.Many of the hotels here are clustered on the hills that lead up from the river and gorge, meaning that jaw-dropping views can be enjoyed from hotel rooms as well.Though you’ll be donning a poncho, prepare to still get wet.

From either side, you can take a boat ride to the Horseshoe Falls.

If you take the final flight of steps up to the Hurricane Deck, expect to go from a little wet to drenched.

Just make sure to leave your phone and camera with someone staying down below.

The panoramic, sweeping vista you hold in your mind’s eye can only be seen from the Canadian side.

Walk alongside the Niagara Parkway, right on the rim of the gorge, and see all three falls -- the American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and the Horseshoe Falls -- across from you.

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