Progressive christian dating sites

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However, as we’ve experienced in the past with LGBT activism, leaving well enough alone isn’t the point. And to my knowledge, no one has tried to force LGBT businesses to do anything, or at least succeeded.Furthermore, I noticed only Christian businesses being targeted.

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The United States constitution guarantees protections from discrimination as a fundamental right of every person living in the United States of America.

However, when one examines this situation more closely, a much less dramatic and nuanced perspective emerges.

The lawsuit against Christian Mingle had little to do with gay men deciding that there “weren’t enough gay dating sites on the web.” It had little to do with the LGBT community seeking to shove our agendas down the throats of conservatives, as commentator Michael Brown suggested.

The site holds to Christian beliefs that relationships should occur between a man and a woman.

The choices reflect that by not giving you the option of seeking a male if you’re a male, or female if you are female.

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