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Your name is Sumon, and you live in a small village in rural Bangladesh. A fresh start, financial security, a better future for your family. This much becomes apparent when you’re handed a helmet and a high-viz jacket and told to present yourself at a building site at 6am the following morning. If you try and visit a shopping mall on a rare day off, a stern-looking security guard will tell you this is a “family zone” and escort you off the premises.One day you’re visited by a casual acquaintance you’ve known since childhood, who has an opportunity. You’re not working as a clerk in an office, you’re building a football stadium. And before you have even clocked in for your first shift, you owe your employer the equivalent of two years’ wages. Really, you’re not an employee at all, but an indentured labourer.If Qatar was going to be stripped of the tournament, it would have happened in the last seven years, not the next five.And it is telling that much of the Western media continues to train its outrage on the Qatari bid itself, and the accusations of vote-buying in the Fifa executive committee.After all, rich people have been exploiting poor people since the dawn of time.Yet to describe the Qatar World Cup as simply a labour rights scandal would be to let it grotesquely off the hook.The worker was summarily fired, and ordered to get on the first plane back to Nepal.Along the way, someone realised that because the worker no longer had a work sponsor, he could be thrown in jail. There is a temptation to attribute all this to simple, rapacious, market capitalism.

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Armed security guards patrol these areas, escorting those of south Asian appearance firmly towards the exits.

To understand why, you need to understand the demographics of Qatar.

Fifty years ago, you could have quite comfortably seated the entire country in one of their swanky new World Cup stadiums.

Migrants are even banned from living in certain areas.

A few years ago, the country’s Central Municipal Council proposed designating Friday - most workers’ only day off - a “family day”, during which non-Qataris would be banned from entering the country’s many popular shopping malls. And in five years’ time, this is the country that will throw open its arms and host the biggest footballing party on Earth.

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