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Most of the Brazilian women are well built and have sport awareness.The best part about this country is that you can find blonde as well as black women in the same country.

The women of Argentina are known to be hailing from the romantic culture. Buenos Aires is considered to be the city with most beautiful women in the world.

“Hanging out on Wusoup always leaves me feeling inspired in some way - meeting interesting people from different places, getting cool recommendations for books & films, and chatting about deep stuff with new friends is all-in-all pretty awesome. It's amazing to see so many great people (and NO tools! Happy to be a part of this supportive community.” - Kim“This is honestly the FIRST friend-making site that didn't get over taken by creepy dudes asking to marry me online. I've spent years trying to find people who actually like talking and Wu Soup brings it all together. There aren’t that many users active (although the user base is slowly growing), but all of them know that that the site is focused on casual talking and making friends.

I myself made a couple friends I regularly talk with on the site.” - Daniella“I was looking for a place to make friends, and Wusoup claimed to be that place, so I joined.

They possess tanned skin and are known for being perfectly built.

Thus, they rest on the fourth position on our list.

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