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In 2012, there were reports of older females exploiting younger girls in sex trafficking to pay for their expenses after offering them room and board.

In 2012, brothel owners reportedly supplied child sex trafficking victims to clients at hotels, but there were no reports of such crimes in recent years.

These penalties are sufficiently stringent and commensurate with those prescribed for other serious crimes, such as rape.

Child trafficking convictions are subject to a minimum five-year prison term, while slavery convictions carry three- to 12-year prison terms.In 2015, the government initiated a review of the penal code’s trafficking provisions, requesting international assistance in this effort, to ensure they reflect international best practices; the review was not complete at the end of the reporting period.The government reported 19 potential cases of human trafficking involving 26 alleged perpetrators in 2015, but did not report the details of these cases; these efforts compare to 24 investigations, six prosecutions, and four convictions in the previous reporting period.The government continued programs to combat and prevent trafficking, including through awareness-raising campaigns, social service programs to identify and assist women and children at risk of trafficking, increased law enforcement training, and programs intended to reduce the demand for commercial sex acts.Nevertheless, the government did not adequately screen for trafficking victims among individuals held in transit and vocational training centers, which operated without judicial oversight and functioned as de facto detention facilities.

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