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Results from these two phases will be shown in the developed dashboard that will be used for management or communication purposes.

Statistics can be stored from the dashboard and can be used to verify the tactical and strategic impact of the deployment of the functionality gradually over time.

If results show that the intended audience accepts the chatbot as a real human chat partner the infrastructure will be expanded to monitor hundreds or thousands of chat rooms.

Chat rooms can be added by operators from various sources and or individually customized.

For law enforcement Total duration of project Sweetie 2.0 is 2 years end will end in April 2017.

After the project Terre des Hommes intends to offer the software to law enforcement agencies.

The visual imagery has been further refined, and at a later stage new characters will be constructed (gender / race / …).

An important aspect of the conversation model is that it should have a strategy to determine if a chat partner has wrong intentions and if so, to obtain additional information that can be used to send him an intervention message afterwards.

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However, this is not enough to put this phenomenon to a quick stop, says Terre des Hommes.Proof of Concept and Live For a short period the implemented functionality will be tested in designated chat rooms under human supervision.This will be the first contact with the target group of the automated chatbot functionality.The chat streams and ‘question / answer’ –pairs can be customized for each character after the chats in order to execute the chats as effectively and efficiently as possible for the time that they are in use.Cyber Agent Technology To use the chatbot functionality for the various communication platforms a Cyber Agent Technology platform has been built that interconnects all software components.

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