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We strive to maintain a creative, educational,and artistic environment.

Art Spot is an art center which gives professional artistic services in an artistic and calm atmosphere to people who look for arts in beautiful Port Moody, the city of art.

A number of marriages resulted from romances between co-workers at the two Ranch locations.

At Art Spot, students learn to work with an array of art materials and create unique projects while building self-awareness and confidence through the creative process.

(Today the establishment is the Miraz.) Ameche, who would later win the Heisman Trophy while a fullback at the University of Wisconsin, was just one of many teens to hang out at the Ranch over the restaurant’s four decades. Germains had lived in Zion, where they owned a drive-in.

When they purchased the Kenosha property, the couple moved to a house east of the restaurant on 75th Street, and Josephine worked as a car hop at the Dairy Dream.

I have not had a lot of gay and lesbian married couples come to me who were not already clients, who want to change their current estate plans; one thing I note about gay and lesbian couples is that they seem to acquire more assets, whether it is because most do not have children or they are more committed to their financial situations than unmarried people, but those in relationships seem to have a lot more assets.

It seems to be a little more complicated, and many still want separate trusts, whether it is because society has put that on them, but they want to go ahead and do a combined estate plan now that they are married and do things like marital property agreements that straight clients do.

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