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But all three are quick to point out that polyamory is not about being promiscuous.“The biggest misconception is that love equals sex.

You can completely love someone without having intercourse,” Holder says.

This complaint states 28 years ago, former priest Wayland Yoder Brown sexually abused a 13-year-old St. Brown allegedly took him into South Carolina where he forced him to perform sex acts. Lessard, bishop at the time, and current Bishop Gregory J. The complaint also contends the diocese knew about dangers involving Brown as far back as 1969. WTOC spoke to the victim’s attorney, Mark Tate, who said the diocese wanted his client to remain silent, like Brown tried to do 28 years ago.

The Catholic Church removed Brown from active ministry in 1988 when allegations of child molestation first surfaced. “And as early as 1969, was an unholy man and was unworthy of the priesthood, and had been accused, in fact, already of doing inappropriate things with children and was found to be someone who would do more harm to this diocese than not,” Tate said.

The Diocese of Savannah is adamant that the abuse of children will not be tolerated by anyone, especially church personnel.

The Diocese of Savannah encourages anyone with knowledge of abuse to come forward and report such allegations to the Diocese of Savannah Office of Child Protection Services.

While living in Louisiana, Holder and his wife (who asked her last name not be used) were involved with another woman, a relationship that didn’t pan out.

When Holder relocated to Fayetteville, Ga., for work, he said he kept his family in Louisiana for six months to ensure he passed the probationary period and so the kids could finish out the school year.

Jeremy also has a girlfriend in Alabama.“We’re a lot more open.While Atlanta may be a hotbed for polyamorous people, there is not a well-organized community as can be seen in cities like San Francisco or Seattle.“For the life of me I can’t figure out why, especially because Atlanta is such a magnet for other sexual minorities. There is a well-established gay and lesbian community and a burgeoning transgender community,” she said.Gay men do have non-monogamous relationships, she said, but they don’t consider it polyamorous.“Gay men invented non-monogamy,” she said.Atlanta, GA 30344 you are polyamorous and interested in being part of a study, email Dr. Sheff focuses her research on sexuality, gender, family, deviance and communities.One area she specializes in is the poly (short for polyamorous) community, specifically a long-range study on polyamorous families with children.

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