Sheree dating dr

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Even though the team doesn't win their game, the scout still talks to Sharee.

In Oh, Future, In It Isn't What You Think, Toby tries to get a make-up exam for Sharee, but it causes a conflict between him & Lily.

She and Daphne end up in a shoving fight after Sharee accuses Daphne of punishing her for no reason.

Because of their fight, the field hockey team has to forfeit the game. , Daphne talks to Regina about her friendship with Sharee.

Toby later tells Daphne that Sharee used to play field hockey at her old school.

After Sharee and Daphne meet with the principal, Sharee is allowed to stay in school but has to serve Saturday detention for having the box cutter at school.

She graduated with honors from Medical College Of Ohio in 1988.

Having more than 29 years of diverse experiences, especially in FAMILY PRACTICE, Dr.

In Girl on the Cliff, In And Life Begins Right Away, Sharee is shown to be a "thug" living in East River Side.

Once her and Daphne become bigger friends she acts rude but can be kind to Daphne by playing on the Field hockey team.

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