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I know the physical changes of menopause can take us by surprise.The loss of estrogen eventually means dryness and loss of elasticity, both of which make for discomfort.

writes about the etymology of the word “spinster,” and reveals that it was in fact, an honorary term for women who earned their own money spinning wool.And intimacy is good for our relationships, which are, in turn, good for our health. The loss of estrogen leads to what we doctors call genitourinary syndrome or vulvovaginal atrophy.And since about two-thirds of us don’t orgasm by intercourse alone, it helps to have help, which is where vibrators come in. We have less circulation in our genital tissues, which become more fragile.My patients come to me, a menopause care specialist, looking for answers and solutions.They may have painful sex, or they may find it more difficult to experience orgasm.

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