Single mom dating books

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_______________________________________ From the moment I saw those 2 little pink lines just over 5 years ago, I’ve been a single mom.

I’ve casually dated here and there and even had one knock down drag out heartache during those 5 years.

ABOUT THIS BOOK She can juggle a baby in one hand and a laptop in the other, but when it comes to dating, the average single mom is lost.

In SEX AND THE SINGLE MOM, Sharon Mc Kenna shows you how to successfully navigate the dating world as a single mother, including figuring out what you want from a relationship, making over your body and attitude, rediscovering your sexual confidence, and embracing the life you have.

Taking the time to date first before introducing your children keeps your children from having to deal with the constant revolving door of men coming in and out of their lives (they get attached easier than we do).

It gives you the chance to learn if this is someone you can trust around your children.

I know every single mom is different, but my son comes just about everywhere with me that kids are allowed.

He began to show me the mistakes I had made in the past and the things I needed to do in the future to guard my heart.

In an attempt to save other single moms from a lot of pain and suffering, I thought I’d offer 3 tips about dating as a single mom that I had to learn the hard way: The first time I heard the concept of dating yourself, I was just as confused as some of you may be.

Welcome to #The Single Life Series at my blog, True Love!

Single moms are a crowd that’s NEVER addressed in the Church at large.

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