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When he came back, the parent of the other boy said he had a little choking scare (which …Does my child have sensory issues or are we making a big thing out of nothing like the school thinks we are?However, all of the submissions that she was able to answer is listed below.Check through previous submissions to see if your question has already been addressed/answered.My daughter has been going through this for quiet some time now and I don't know what to do.She hates wearing clothes, I battle with it all the time. What age should an SPD child start Homeschool/School I have a daughter turning 5 this year.

What is the appropriate age to test if a child has SPD I read somewhere that accurate diagnosis of SPD is determined when a child reaches 6 or 7. My 4 year old has just been asked to leave her second daycare in the past 2 months. My son had already been attending Occupational Therapy for SPD for 6 weeks, when his OT told me that she couldn't give us a "real" diagnosis. Is it wise to start my 6yr old SPD son sharing a room with his 3yr old brother?

These are people's personal opinions, experiences, and knowledge.

Please talk with your doctor, OT, or other medical professional about concerns you have.

Daughter has a habit of shaking a pen or pencil all day How do I address my daughter and try to correct a habit that I thought she would outgrow?

It started when she was around two with a princess wand. 8 year old girl loses it at the smallest things Our daughter (just turned 8 in October 2013) seems very immature for her age, or so it seems.

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