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Crawford’s “true uniqueness” seems to be her feminine physique. The author considers her transsexualism to be “secondary”; that is, to have developed rather late in life. As the title suggests, this is a pain-filled autobiography of a male-to-female transsexual person. Jorgensen tells her story, some fifteen years after her surgery and twenty years before her death from cancer. (Reprinted in 2001 by Cleis Press, with an introduction by Susan Stryker). The report of Christine Jorgensen’s surgical and hormonal sex reassignment hit the headlines in late 1952, ushering in the modern age of transsexualism. I’ve included works by transsexuals, transgenderists, crossdressers, family members and partners, and of feminine men and masculine women who might or might not identify as transgendered. If you know of any autobiographies I’ve left out, please let me know. with the headline “Bond girl was a boy.” Cossey tells of her unsuccessful efforts to obtain the right to marry in the UK and her determination to continue her fight until she obtains that right. It’s possible I missed some while compiling the list from my larger file of books, and it’s possible it’s just a work I never stumbled across. Autobiography of Canary Conn, who as a teenaged boy won a singing contest and then pursued and achieved gender congruity. There are parallels in her life to that of April Ashley, who also worked as a model, appeared in films, was exposed by the press, and had a court battle, but Cossey, admirably (and unlike April Ashley), refuses to kiss and tell. She has long been involved with Fantasia Fair, where she was Director for six years. She was part of the group that started the Southern Comfort conference and did programming for the conference.He published a number of books on religion and history, but is best remembered for his posthumously-published memoirs, which include tales of crossdressed seduction. Ashley, who hailed from a working-class family in Liverpool, had sex reassignment in her early twenties, while working as a female impersonator at Paris’ Le Carrousel night club, and went on to work as a model and hobnob with the rich and famous, whom she does not hesitate to mention in print.

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She accomplished little before surgery (mostly hiding out in her house), and her post-surgical adjustment is characterized by suicide attempts and repeated psychiatric hospitalizations. For many years she considered herself a crossdresser. The book consists of journal entries beginning in 1986, when the author’s gender dysphoria suddenly emerged, and ends in the early 1990s, after she has had surgery after a difficult transition and an inadequate real-life test. aviator and war hero and post-war racing car driver, who had sex reassignment at about the same time as Christine Jorgensen. Cowell maintains that she spontaneously began to feminize. 255), as does Ashley (1983), speculate that she may have been a genetic female with congenital adrenogenital syndrome (a condition which causes virilization). Cummings had sex reassignment surgery in 1989, but it is clear from her last several chapters that at the time of writing, she was far from resolving her feelings about her failed marriage: “Early in 1991 I offered to return without conditions to the family as John, since I would rather live with Diana as John than without her as Kate. My ideal life would still be to live as Katherine with Diana in loving friendship but, of the alternatives, my love for Diana is stronger than my love for Katherine.” Darling, Candy. She appeared in a number of films, including two of Warhol’s, “Flesh” and “Women in Revolt,” and was featured in Lou Reed’s Song, “A Walk on the Wild Side.” She died tragically young. (Two appendices, 15 refs.) Howard-Howard, M., with Michaels, A. The publisher notes, in a postscript, that much and possibly most of the material in the book is fictitious. '” “I had thought that when I awoke and my penis was gone, my problems would all be gone, too.” I had a recent report that she is well and still working as a hairdresser in Memphis. She is from and has primarily resided in Australia, but was in the U. during the early days of organized crossdressing, and it is interesting to read her description of events which are also covered in Darrell Raynor’s ; she used the name Fiona, which she later changed to Katherine. It simply means I have two very strong emotional ties in my life, one to Diana, and the other to Katherine. Candy Darling was a member of Andy Warhol’s Factory. It’s clear, even in the follow-up that Hollis has not worked through the issue of separation from her wife and children, who refuse to see her in her new incarnation. Before the end of the first chapter, Howard-Howard is in bed with “the biggest drug dealer in Harlem.” This book recounts her life as a (in her own words) “drag queen,” and prostitute, in which she meets various celebrities and struggles with and overcomes a debilitating addiction to heroin. She has three published three books and many book chapters and journal and magazine articles. In this self-published memoir, the author tells of her difficulty in finding competent medical and psychological care in her quest for sex reassignment in Atlanta in the 1970s. Dallas was editor of the journal "Chrysalis" from 1990-1998 and "Transgender Tapestry" from 2000-2006.

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