Updating an iphone to version 2 1

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The spyware, called "Pegasus", used strong encryption to avoid detection.

Intelligence is one of the main features in i OS 9, consisting of the newly integrated Siri and Search (previously known as Spotlight), as well as "proactivity" throughout the operating system.

i Phone users will get some under-the-hood changes — paving the way for ARKit, Apple’s new augmented reality framework. But before you hit the update button to grab i OS 11 it’s worth checking which apps you’ll be consigning to the digital dustbin of history.

Some app makers have already updated their apps to support new AR features, such as Citymapper in the below example. All old 32-bit apps are incompatible with the update — which means a lot of content is going to reach the end of the road here. The game that was so addictive its creator took it out back and terminated it at the peak of its fame — albeit, not before a very large number of people had downloaded it and driven themselves nuts trying to play it. If you want to check which of your existing apps aren’t compatible with i OS 11, go to Settings If you can’t see any apps, you don’t have any that are incompatible with i OS 11.

Siri is also aware of what is currently on screen when it is engaged by holding down the home button.

i OS 9 comes with two important battery-saving updates.

Bug fixes and improvements for security and performance are also included. The update included Arabic language support for Siri and i Phone support for Apple's Lightning-to-SD-card Reader accessory, which lets users transfer photos and videos from an SD card (commonly used in DSLR cameras) to i Phone without the need for a computer.

i OS 9.2 also included a new visual download indicator in Apple Music, support for Wi-Fi calling for AT&T users, along with bug fixes and stability improvements.

The update made it possible to use Night Shift and Low Power Mode simultaneously, which was not previously possible. i OS 9.3.5 was released on August 25, 2016; the update fixed three critical security vulnerabilities where, if a user clicked on a malicious link, a jailbreak was enabled on the device that installed spyware to intercept and collect all information on the device, as well as activate the microphone and track the device location.

However, Apple News was criticized for a low number of decent-looking articles, and Apple Maps was criticized for the limited geographical availability of mass transit support.

Five days after release, Apple announced that i OS 9 had been installed on more than 50% of "active" i OS devices, which Apple described as the "fastest adoption rate ever for a new operating system".

i OS 11 won’t purge any dud apps from your devices but it will mean they won’t launch — unless/until they get an update fix.

Some i Pad users are reporting a fair number of games are about to bite the dust — even if a lot of these titles had already been gathering virtual dust in the app drawer…

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