Updating metal gear online

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I also love the support of the belt there is no sag even with the additional weight of a set of handcuffs.

I carried without this belt for awhile, and getting this one does make a huge difference in the comfort level when carrying. Customer happily and quickly sent me a replacement that fits me much better (only a 2 inch upsize). This belt is a must have for gun owners, and I've even suggested it to many non gun owners because of the outstanding craftsmanship.The belt is extremely sturdy, visually appealing, and fits as expected. I just bought this belt in black with the flat black buckle. I'll use the smaller belt when I only want to IWB my holster w/ gun. It's well worth the cost considering the quality received. This is the first gun belt that I've owned and I am impressed with how sturdy it is compared to the normal belt that I've been using for my holster. I have lost some weight over the last year and in about another 20 pounds I am going to buy 2 more belts. Very happy I have a Gen 1 holster and still to this day use and love it.I would be skeptical if someone told me a better value for a gun belt existed. Not only is it sturdy but it looks great and I'm so glad I went with flat black buckle, it looks fantastic! I decided to go one size down from the chart because I don't like long tails but I didn't realize how much thicker this belt is because of how sturdy it is and although the belt did fit I was on the last hole, so I returned it and got the size that was originally recommended and it's perfect now. The shape shift is the most convenient and best holster . Because it's the best and coolest holster at a small price. It is nice to see the amazing progress made with the newer holsters.Being a person that stands 6'3" and weighs in at 380 it is hard to find clothing much less order them online.So after a skeptical purchase of the belt and IWB and OWB holster I can truly say I am so impressed with this company.

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