User novell webaccess not updating

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There is no requirement to be logged into e Directory, but it DOES have some DLL dependencies provided by the Novell client installation.

So, it must be run from a machine with a Novell Client installed. Group Wise 2014 can still use e Directory, but can now also use Microsoft/Active Directory, or a standalone directory integrated with your Domain database.

However, as long as you have a mixed environment, you will need to keep Console One around for some administration of domains older than Group Wise 2014.

Novell cautions against using Console One with Group Wise snapins against a Group Wise 2014 domain.

There is also no facility for this in Console One on Linux either.

All other items above will be installed by the Group Wise installation routine if necessary.

The Software Distribution Directory is no longer required.

LDAP synchronisation is the mechanism that keeps the Group Wise address book synchronised with changes made in e Directory or permits the publishing of users’ -mail addresses back to the directory.

By default, MTA e Directory sync is not enabled with Group Wise 2014 or prior.

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