Valentine gift ideas for newly dating

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D., resident sex expert for online adult toy retailer, .Try this: Sneak out of bed early and sprinkle a path of rose petals from the bedroom to the kitchen.Plus, if yoga is one of your partner's past times, she’ll appreciate your taking an interest in her hobby.

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“This shows her you’re romantic and willing to go outside your comfort zone for her.

Plus, dancing brings your bodies close together and can be great sensual foreplay,” she adds. Book the dance class for Saturday and pretend like that is your big V-Day present.

Come Sunday, whisk her off to a salsa or tango club, Lorraine suggests.

If you’re karaoke veterans, upgrade the date by secretly requesting a romantic duet or “your song.” It’ll showcase that you remember today is supposed to be special without making too big of a deal of it.

If a romantic dinner isn’t her thing, sign up for an escape experience (like Escape the Room).

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