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Charts of the crowd’s voting behavior will be projected to drive the direction of the piece.

Multiple cameras will focus on individual dancers, projecting their images on various screens.

Gotheiner, who was raised in northern Israel as a musician and began dancing in his late teens, arrived in New York in 1978; he’s subsequently absorbed the culture of this country in waves that extend way beyond the dance world.

a bit of having cake and eating it too in this 1964 epic’s depiction of the Battle of Rorke’s Drift, in which an entrenched and staggeringly outnumbered British outpost endured a relentless attack from the surrounding Zulu nation.

Having cut his teeth in low-budget American crime pictures, the meticulous Endfield (who co-wrote the script with John Prebble) tempers grand scale with precision and geometric discipline.

In spite of the consistent vastness, there’s a feeling of a needle being threaded in every frame.

She’ll play the smaller Zone One space at Elsewhere.Patiently, dances a Charleston of mid-’90s hacky bullshit, garnished with hair gel, fancy new slang, and reliable public transportation in Los Angeles.But if the packaging seems quaint, the film derives great power from carefully aligning the concerns of its characters with larger philosophical questions that remain no less thorny today.opening in theaters, the multitalented Greta Gerwig has programmed a series of thirteen cinematic “footnotes” at the Quad (running through the 9th), with the actress and director in person at select screenings.The ambience is a little bit speakeasy, a little bit David Lynch.The plot is refracted across ten separate storylines, each anchored around a different character who might at any point beckon you into the hazy darkness backstage. Anderson’s third solo album, Exile in the Outer Ring, released this year, the experimental blend of pop, folk, drone, and noise reaches into the depths of 21st-century American despair.

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